Branko Galoic shows how the combination of Eastern sounds, fine horns and a touch of Klezmer – if played in the right way – can touch an emotional chord. Danse De La Liberté does just that with a beautiful, nostalgic, summery record. This deserves to be widely appreciated. 4 Stars, Festival info, Holland 2021

Throughout the entire album, one can feel the influences of Bregović, Cohen, Dylan, Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Waits, and regional ethno music on the work of Branko Galoić. However, Branko made an effort to leave a kind of author’s mark on his work, according to which Danse De La Liberté will be considered one of the best editions of this year’s regional world music scene. Helly Cherry music portal ,Serbia 2021

Special treat for world music lovers – Novi list – Marinko Krmpotić (Croatia)

9/10   Best albums of the year 2021  Terapija  / Zagreb / Croatia (Danse de la liberte)

Branko dresses in Balkan colors not only tempo pieces with a characteristic jumping rhythm, but also, say, such a ballad as Rain Drops. At the same time, there are things in his music where both Latin motifs and purely rock rhythms are heard, like If You Want to Love Me with a guitar a la Carlos Santana or Rebirth. An hour of music with Branko Galoić and his friends flies by quickly and leaves a very pleasant, positive aftertaste. Worthhearing!

« The resulting album is a great journey through different World Music genres, although most of the 15 included songs give you that South Europe/Mediterranean feeling, with as highlights Million ways (with Greek influences) »,  Strutter’zine,Holland, 2021 (Danse de la liberte)



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Session live entre Natacha Atlas et Branko Galoic


Les coups de cœur de Fara C.

wdr interview croatian

Bosnia music portal


Croatia and Portugal as an explosive mix (…) a bombastic experience.”

Mittelbadische Presse, DE, 2017

… from Gipsy Balkan Brass to Turbo-Reggae and a kind of South Italian film music, reminding of a merry-go-round in a Fellini classic”

Radio Bremen CD Tipp Angel Song, DE, 2016

The music is very lively, but also melancolic and romantic…with a touch of Ex-Jugoslavian feeling… I recommend “Angels Songs” at any time!”

Sound&Image on Angel Song, DE, 2016

The beautifull Ej ti tu album!”

Mattie Poels, Radio 6, NL, 2013

New strong hope for balkan music”

Zlatko Gall, Free Dalmatia, CRO, 2013

He’s come up with a striking sound…an original blend of Gypsy music and the blues”.

Roger Trapp, June 9, WORLD MUSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK, The Independent (UK) – Above the roofs album

Some of my personal highlights included, on the opening night, Zagreb born Branko Galoic and his Skakavac Orkestar, with a heady and danceable Balkan folk rock with plenty of brass »

Michael Moll. Concert review Rudolstadt Festival Germany

Concerto – Austria